Feng Shui Consultation

fengshuiFeng Shui consultation helps to determine how the home or office, order or disorder, the use of colors, objects, layout and various recreational activities affect our lives, our personal relationships, success and health. Even small changes can affect the way things turn out, also regarding our goals. One does not have to wait long for the effects of Feng Shui because it always works immediately when the necessary changes, for example at home, have been made.

The Lucky Element Map and Chinese Astrology are made according to the exact time, date and location of birth. Feng Shui aims at harmony, so element mapping can be used to find out what elements should be increased or decreased in order to improve the balance, quality of life and flow of things. Feng Shui elements are Water, Fire, Wood, Earth and Metal, which symbolize different energies.

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Feng Shui Analysis 60 min / 65€
Feng Shui Lucky Element Reading 50€
Home Energy Cleaning 60 min / 75€