Tarot Reading

tarotTarot shows us our life situation objectively and brings out details that we may have left unnoticed. Tarot is a particularly useful tool when faced with a dilemma, because it helps us to see things on both sides. Tarot reveals our subconscious thoughts and knowledge and brings things from dark to light.

Tarot readings provided by: Heini Lähteenmäki
Any enquiries: heini (at) taikatie.com

Tarot Reading 30 min / 30€
Tarot Reading 60 min / 50€

If you cannot come to Taikatie, your Tarot reading can also be ordered by e-mail. Distant Tarot includes two readings about the themes of your choice. Popular themes include love, relationships, work, family and a general overview of life.

Please send your photo by e-mail to Heini so that she can focus on your energy. You will then receive a confirmation and payment instructions.