Reiki & Angel Energy Healing

enkelireikiThe combination of Reiki & Angel Energy Healing is given hand-intuitively, led by the angels to where treatment is needed. The energy is pure light and love, and comes from the Supreme, God, the Universe, or how each individual wants to nominate it.

The treatment has a balancing, cleansing and healing effect on the emotional, mental and physical body. The treatment removes blockages, cleanses the aura and chakras and balances the energies.

If you don´t have the opportunity to visit Taikatie, you may receive your Reiki & Angel Energy Healing at home. The distant healing works and feels the same way as a healing given on the spot.

Treatment provided by: Heini Lähteenmäki
Any enquiries: heini (at)

Reiki & Angel Energy Healing 60 min / 55€