4 Energies Healing

4energianhoito4 Energies Healing is a combination of the healing energies of Reiki, Angel Energy, Violet Flame and Platinum Ray. The energies will be combined in accordance to the recipient’s emotional, mental and physical needs. This is a very powerful energy healing treatment which is recommended for customers with profound, long-term and chronic issues.

Reiki: Heals, soothes and increases the vitality
Angels: Help, give guidance and heal
Violet Flame: Purifies and transforms negative energy into positive
Platinum Ray: Brightens, refreshes and strenghtens

If you don´t have the opportunity to visit Taikatie, you may receive your 4 Energies Healing at home. The distant healing works and feels the same way as a healing given on the spot.

Treatment provided by: Heini Lähteenmäki
Any enquiries: heini (at) taikatie.com

4 Energies Healing 60 min / 60€