heinihHeini founded Taikatie in Fuengirola in the summer of 2011. She began to study Reiki in 2003 and became a Reiki Master in 2010. In addition, she has studied Ashtanga Yoga in Gran Canaria. In Barcelona she attended a Palm Reading Course with the famous author and visionary Francisco Rodriguez, and studied the doctrine of Feng Shui and EFT. She has practiced meditation since she was a child. Heini acquired her first Tarot card deck at the age of 14 and has interpreted them ever since.

Heini has also studied Tantra, Shamanism and Herbal Medicine independently and learned how to work with Angels and Nature Spirits. Sometimes she sees other people's auras and glimpses of their past lives.

Heini wants to help people to live a happy and full life, and to provide them with the necessary tools and assistance to remove obstacles and achieving dreams. According to Heini, everyone has these skills - they just need to be practiced. Heini believes that everyone has a place in this world where they can find their happiness.

Heini's contact details:
(+34) 655 650 399
heini (at) taikatie.com